Be Familiar With The Causes of Type 1 Diabetes

causes of type 1 diabetes

The most unfortunate fact about type 1 diabetes is that this chronic condition has no real cure. The reason lies in the uncertainty of the root causes of type 1 diabetes. Till now medical researchers haven’t come to an agreement about its causes that should be healed. As causes cannot be traced definitely, no real cure can be prescribed. However, we can talk about potential risk factors related to this type of diabetes. Some people are more prone to getting this condition. Eventually, if you have the risk factors, you may be ready to notice symptoms early. As a result, timely treatment can be taken.

Causes of Type 1 Diabetes: The Reasons

Before getting to the causes of type 1 diabetes, we need to be familiar with the activities of the pancreas. The pancreas is that organ that produces a particular hormone called insulin. This hormone is responsible for converting glucose or sugar to energy. Our body is a machine that needs constant energy and so when sugar cannot be transferred to energy problems occurs. This whole process is one important survival thing. Sometimes pancreas fails to produce enough insulin that is needed for the production of energy. Our body gets fatigued. At the same time, we store the unprocessed sugar in the bloodstream. As a result, we have high blood sugar levels. This unlocked and unprocessed sugar may harm other organs like kidneys and the heart. We need to mage the condition by taking insulin.

The problem arises when we want to focus on the root causes of type 1 diabetes. Doctors are not sure why the pancreas stops producing insulin. However, they have developed some theories. The first factor thought to be responsible for this inactivity of the pancreas is your genes. If anyone in your family has diabetes, there is much probability that you may contract type 1 diabetes. Some viruses are also thought to be the reason for which the pancreas stops producing insulin. So, if you get exposed to these viruses, you’re in trouble.

You must have understood that unless we know the causes of type 1 diabetes for sure, it’s really difficult for the doctors to prescribe any real cure. This type 1 diabetes is not like type 2 diabetes which has some definite reasons to address. Moreover, this type 1 diabetes is found most among children and adolescents. This is why it is also called juvenile diabetes. As a result, if anyone has a family history of diabetes may be cautious that this type of diabetes can attack him or her.

In fact, the causes of type 1 diabetes are not so much tracked down by the doctors. Rather your doctor would trace your symptoms for diabetes. That is why it is a wise idea to know about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. You may have increased thirst and frequent urge for urination. Although you will have an insatiable hunger, you may lose weight dramatically. You may have blurred vision, bladder infection, yeast infection, and fatigue. If you have these symptoms, check your blood sugar level.

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