Be Familiar With The Complications Of Diabetes Mellitus

Complications Of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is really a great health hazard as the complications of diabetes mellitus can even be fatal. When these complications of diabetes mellitus are not fatal, they are found to be very discomforting. That is why anyone diagnosed with diabetes of any type must be aware of the complications of diabetes so that he or she can be committed to managing the blood sugar level as recommended by the doctor. Sometimes the complications may become worse very fast and sometimes they take a longer time. As a result, whatever the type of diabetes you are suffering from, taking early treatment and committed management can save you.

The Complications Of Diabetes Mellitus

Cardiovascular disease comes hand in hand as one of the complications of diabetes mellitus. Obviously, when someone has been suffering heart and blood vessel disease before he or she has contracted diabetes, the complications are ready to develop. The heart and blood vessels may get damaged in such a way that the diabetic patient may even die.

Be ready to hear about one of the most disturbing complications of diabetes mellitus. When there is a continuous burst of high blood sugar level, the eye’s retina gets damaged. The result is very simple but horrifying: You get blind. There is another type of eye-related complication called nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR) in which case the eyes start leaking fluid. This also leads to blindness at the end.

Long term effect of high blood sugar is kidney damage. The problem with such complications of diabetes mellitus is that even when you have succeeded in controlling blood sugar, you may have the complication. If you have such a complication with the kidney, you must go for dialysis or a kidney transplant. Moreover, while you are with high blood sugar, any kind of surgery is risky too.

You may be horrified to hear that a simple infection or even a harmless cut may lead to one of the dangerous complications of diabetes mellitus. You may have gangrene. You may lose your toes, fingers, hands and even feet amputated to control the spreading of gangrene. The only means to prevent such an event is to control blood sugar and keep away from any injury.

When pregnant women have gestational diabetes or any other type of diabetes. The baby may be overweight and for this reason, the mother as well as the baby may suffer during delivery. Moreover, the baby may have the problem of low blood sugar levels.

Hypoglycemia is one of the most common complications of diabetes mellitus. This may happen with any type of diabetes you may have contracted. When the blood sugar level comes to an abnormally low level, we have this complication. You may also have the opposite condition hyperglycemia or an abnormally high level of blood glucose. In both these conditions, you’ll feel weak and dizzy.

This is a kind of coma and so can be fatal. When someone totally ignores the blood sugar levels, this may happen all of a sudden. Your body may fail to function as it cannot handle sugar anymore.

None should ignore any of the complications of diabetes mellitus as one complication may lead to another. You can avoid these complications by regularly checking your blood sugar level.

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