Getting To Know Common Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes

Of course sometimes these signs and symptoms of diabetes may be almost invisible to the naked eyes. That is why going for a blood glucose test is essential. Moreover, you may have the same signs and symptoms for other diseases. Still, if we become familiar with the classic signs and symptoms of diabetes, it would be easier for us to get ready for a test. When we know that we are going to be in danger, it would be easier to act accordingly. Eventually we will be able to find out if there’s something wrong with us.

Symptoms Of Diabetes: Frequent Urination And Use Of Insulin

The most classic among the signs and symptoms of diabetes is the urge of frequent urination. This is something almost any adult person can notice. Now if you want to laboratory test, the blood glucose test is the classic test that tells you whether you have abnormally high levels of blood glucose. You may ask why blood glucose becomes high. It happens mainly for two reasons. Your body may use insulin in a way which is not appropriate. The other reason is insufficient insulin.

Insulin plays its role in two different ways. When it fails to act properly, type 2 diabetes develops. On the other hand, when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, type 1 diabetes develops. The signs and symptoms of diabetes of any type may be almost similar. Our body tries to flush away the unprocessed sugar through urination and so you may experience the urge to urinate very often.

One of the most common signs and symptoms of diabetes is fatigue. You will feel easily tired and may experience long term fatigue. The fatigue occurs because of the presence of high levels of blood sugar that cannot be neutralized by insulin as the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. In such a case, much of glucose remains unprocessed as energy and that is why our body feels fatigued.

It won’t be an exaggeration if one says that diabetes has become almost an epidemic in the developed countries like the USA and other European countries. All over the world millions of people are suffering form the signs and symptoms of diabetes. That is why every should be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of diabetes. To keep your health in a safe position, you have to fight this condition very carefully.

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