Let’s Be Familiar With Signs Of Gestational Diabetes

Signs Of Gestational Diabetes

All of us are familiar with the disease diabetes as it is a very widespread condition all over the world. We may also know Let’s Be Familiar With Signs Of Gestational Diabetes that the major types of diabetes are termed as type 1 and type 2. However, many of us are not familiar with gestational diabetes which is another type of diabetes. It’s very important for the women to know signs of gestational diabetes.

Signs Of Gestational Diabetes: Let’s Define It

Signs of gestational diabetes can only be seen among the pregnant women as this particular type of diabetes happens only during pregnancy. The signs of gestational diabetes are similar to the type 1 and type diabetes. You may have this diabetes even though you don’t have a previous history.

With gestational diabetes a pregnant woman has high blood sugar level. The reason hasn’t been identified in a clear manner. Some medical professionals believe that hormones affect this condition. During pregnancy women may have insufficient insulin to process sugar and so they may have signs of gestational diabetes. It is found that 3-10% pregnant women suffer from this condition.

When a pregnant woman has the signs of diabetes, she needs to follow a particular diet plan. This diet would help her control blood sugar and weight.

Signs Of Diabetes: Know The Signs And Symptoms

The problem is that many women suffering from gestational diabetes may not show any signs of gestational diabetes. This is why a pregnant woman should be screened. In some cases, a woman understands from the signs of diabetes that she has developed diabetes.

One of the signs of diabetes is increased thirst. You may feel an urge to drink lot of water or any other beverages.

You may experience frequent need to urinate. This is not simply because you’re drinking more water. It happens as a symptom of diabetes. So, this is one important sign of gestational diabetes.

Another visible sign of gestational diabetes is fatigue. You may say that pregnant women are usually fatigued. However, with gestational diabetes, fatigue would be longer.

Vomiting and nausea are two other signs of diabetes. However, pregnant women may experience these symptoms simply from the hormonal changes in the first part of pregnancy. You can go for screening to see if that is the sign of diabetes. When these symptoms come in the second half of pregnancy, you’re going to be diagnosed with diabetes.

You may experience yeast infections or bladder infections as signs of diabetes. Whenever you feel you’ve got infections, you should never be late to consult with a doctor or midwife. They’ll ask you to check blood sugar level.

Moreover, many women experience blurred vision as one of the signs of gestational diabetes. Hormonal fluctuations sometimes do this to pregnant women. However, it may be fro gestational diabetes or other type of diabetes. You’d better get your blood sugar tested.

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