Major Risk factors Of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

It happens with many women that they are found with high blood glucose level during the pregnancy although they Major Risk factors Of Gestational Diabeteshad never shown the symptoms of diabetes earlier. This condition is diagnosed as gestational diabetes. Any woman going to be in the family way should get familiar with gestational diabetes risk factors.

An Overview Major Risk factors Of Gestational Diabetes

From studies, it has been found that 3 to 10 percent pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes. The range is so wide because the result of the studies comes from a variety of populations.

Well, you may notice some symptoms of gestational diabetes before you get diagnosed. It may be found out when you go for a prenatal screening. This requires a test using your blood sample.

It is true that you may not notice any prominent symptom to become aware about the gestational diabetes. However, there are several risk factors that should be taken a look at. This will help you prevent this diabetes.

When a woman has experienced gestational diabetes earlier, she is more likely o develop the same condition again.

When there is family history of having type 2 diabetes, a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes risks. This is something the woman can never control. Tell your doctor your family history of diabetes.

If the pregnant woman is above 35 years of age, she has a greater chance of having gestational diabetes. So be aware if you’re above this age limit.
One of the common gestational diabetes risks factors is the overweight or obesity of the woman.

When a woman has given birth to baby with overweight of higher than the 90th percentile, she has more probability of contracting gestational diabetes in later pregnancy.

The unfortunate fact is that your ethnicity may lead you to gestational diabetes risks. The Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, African-Caribbean, African-Americans, Native Americans, and those from the Indian area are more prone to developing this diabetes.

It is a common fact that women who smoke are more prone to gestational diabetes risks. In fact, the rate of having diabetes for these women is more than double.

Among gestational diabetes risks, polycystic ovarian syndrome can be mentioned as a hazardous one. However, the relation isn’t very clear till now.
These risk factors are for about forty percent of the pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes. The remaining percentage of women may have no identifiable risk factor. This is why it is a must to go for gestational diabetes test to minimize gestational diabetes risks. First, you may have screening and then some test.

The problem with symptoms of gestational diabetes is that the symptoms may simply be the signs of healthy pregnancy as well. You may have frequent urination, thirst, nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, bladder infection and yeast infection. That is why screening is an essential element during pregnancy. This way you can avoid gestational diabetes risks.

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