Preventing Pre Diabetes Symptoms And Type II Diabetes Preventing Pre Diabetes Symptoms And Type II Diabetes

Pre Diabetes

It is a common experience with many diabetic people that before they developed type 2 diabetes, they noticed pre diabetes symptoms but those were ignored for a long time. When your blood sugar runs abnormally high, you have a condition called diabetes. This happens mainly because your pancreas fails to secret enough insulin. If you can find out that your body is exhibiting pre diabetes symptoms, you can be easily prepared to fight the oncoming steps of type 2 diabetes. That is why we need to know about the symptoms and how to reverse these symptoms.

Reverse Pre Diabetes Symptoms

We do not need to be much worried if we notice pre diabetes symptoms as these symptoms can be successfully reversed to normal in simple ways. It mainly requires some changes in the life style, almost without any medication at all. However, it needs some control with discipline over your life. What is needed is early care as starting to mend the symptoms late may not give you success. When you pass the pre diabetes symptoms into the development of type 2 diabetes, you will not be able to prevent the symptoms easily.

Medical professionals have conducted research on the pre-diabetes symptoms and the causes as well as remedies of these symptoms; but no panacea has been found. However, some risk factors> have been identified. The major ones are family history and age. Race is another risk factor as diabetes is found more in some races. These factors are out of our control. Life style and food habit are the factors that we can control.

You can minimize the chances of having pre-diabetes symptoms by maintaining something. First of all, keep yourself in good shape and prevent the pre-diabetes symptoms. If you are overweight, take the issue seriously so that pre-diabetes symptoms can fade away gradually. Regular exercise will help you prevent the pre-diabetes symptoms. When you combine all these into you life, you are going to have a life free of type 2 diabetes.

You should be aware that pre-diabetes symptoms and type 2 diabetes symptoms may seem identical to a layman and so it is necessary to have check ups. The common symptoms include thirstiness, frequent urination, feeling of nausea or vomiting and fatigue. If you have these symptoms, try to see your doctor. You may be asked to have a fasting plasma glucose test. Never ignore the symptoms altogether.

You may ask why we need to be familiar with the diabetes symptoms for the type 1 diabetes. The common sense logic is this type of diabetes is found more. Moreover, nature also plays an ironic role here. If your gene carries the message of type 1 diabetes, it is much likely that you are going to have the diabetes symptoms. If you control the pre-diabetes symptoms, you may win against nature.

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