The Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus And Its Types

Type 2 Diabetes

The problem with diabetes is that it may not have visible symptoms to let you know that you’ve been attacked. In fact, some the diabetes mellitus symptoms can be recognized by common people and some may be difficult to recognize. We need to know about type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus symptoms for the widely spread type 2 diabetes may be very disastrous. When you have developed this type of diabetes, your body doesn’t stop producing insulin. On the contrary, the body becomes resistant to insulin. It means that the body fails to use insulin in the right way. Eventually the blood sugar levels go out of control and you would need immediate medical attention.

One of the most common diabetes mellitus symptoms is increased thirst. You may feel thirst even without any valid reason. Sometimes we try to ignore this particular symptom. When we understand it to be a real problem, much time may have passed without any treatment. The other common symptom is related to this. You may feel frequent urge of urination. It is not because you’re having more water into the system. This happens due to the working of glucose.

Sudden weight loss may be one of the diabetes mellitus symptoms fro you. Moreover, you’re going to feel hungrier than you think normal for you. Even though you feel hungry and eat more, you may lose weight dramatically. Fatigue may accompany all these diabetes mellitus symptoms. You’re going to feel weak. Headaches and even loss of consciousness may also be experienced.

There are other diabetes mellitus symptoms. When diabetes has already developed, any cut or sore may take more time to heal. Sometimes you’ll find it almost difficult to heal the cuts. You may have itchy skin and mostly happens around the groins. Yeast infection and bladder infection may be present also. Moreover, you may have blurred vision.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Other than the type 1 and type 2 diabetes, there is the third type of diabetes called gestational diabetes. The gestational diabetes mellitus symptoms are almost the same. In fact, it is difficult to differentiate this type with others by a layman. However, there is one criterion of gestational diabetes that is unique. It happens only to pregnant women. When a pregnant woman experiences the any type of diabetes mellitus symptoms, she should first suspect the symptoms to be those of gestational diabetes and consult with the doctor or midwife. When she feels hungry, she may feel that it’s happening for the baby. When she feels fatigued, she may again think it’s happening for the baby. The prenatal screening or regular checkup reveals the presence of the diabetes.

If you get diagnosed with diabetes mellitus symptoms while you’re expecting a baby, you must take care of the situation seriously as the baby may come into this world with overweight, low blood sugar and jaundice. This may lead to some complications.
The first priority to be observed if you suspect you’ve developed diabetes mellitus symptoms is that you need to see your doctor immediately.

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