Understanding Diabetes And Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

diabetes symptoms

All over the world millions of people are suffering from type 1 diabetes symptoms. This particular diabetes is a chronic condition that has to be carried along till the last day of one’s life when someone gets contracted with this condition. It is mostly found among the age group of children and adolescents. This is why the diagnosis and proper treatment are a must. However, type 1 diabetes symptoms can also be found among adults. If anybody leaves the type 1 diabetes untreated for a long time, there may be complications leading even to death or blindness. So, let us have a look at how this diabetes develops and what symptoms it shows.

Diabetes Symptoms: How Diabetes Develops

When we know the actions and reactions of our body, it may become easy to understand type 1 diabetes symptoms. First of all, we need to be familiar with pancreas. This particular organ produces insulin that processes sugar into energy. When this organ fails to produce enough insulin, sugar gets stored up in the bloodstream and diabetes occurs. This is how we develop type diabetes. Eventually, type 1 diabetes symptoms start to show up. That is why when we find the symptoms, we need to take care so that other organs do not get damaged.


When you feel an uncanny feeling about an increased level in thirst for any visible reason, you may suspect it to be one of the type 1 diabetes symptoms. At the same time, you may have frequent urge for urination. Both the thirst and urination are related to high blood sugar level. As there is much blood sugar in the bloodstream, the tissues want more fluid. Also, when there is much blood sugar, the body wants to get rid of this sugar through urination.

Increased hunger is one of the major type 1 diabetes symptoms. The paradox lies in the fact that a diabetic person may feel much hunger but he or she may lose weight dramatically. Hunger occurs as the body cannot process sugar efficiently to produce energy. It may even happen that the patient feels hungry just after taking a meal. So, if you ever have such a symptom, you should check blood sugar level.

Are you still looking for other type 1 diabetes symptoms? You should know that blurred vision and fatigue are two common symptoms. It should also be noted that heart and kidney get affected when someone ignores this condition. Obviously, diabetes can be a fatal condition if timely treatment is not taken. Eventually anyone having type 1 diabetes must consult with the doctor and get tested for diabetes.

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