Understanding Three Types Of Diabetes Mellitus

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All over the world diabetes mellitus is running almost faster than the development of technology. More people areThe Causes of Three Types Of Diabetes Mellitus contracting diabetes every day. Obviously doctors are looking for ways to combat this disease in every single way; but finding a common cure hasn’t been achieved. In fact, we’re yet sure of the causes of diabetes mellitus in some cases. Although major breakthroughs occurred in the recent years, we still need to do more research to take full control of the disease.

Types Of Diabetes Mellitus: Causes Of Type 1 Diabetes

The diabetes mellitus type 1 is an autoimmune disorder that happens when the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas start to die. Why these useful cells die is still unknown to the medical world. The mysterious death of the beta cells lead to a decrease in the production of insulin. As a result there is more blood glucose in the blood stream which is then termed as diabetes mellitus type 1. Obviously if the causes of diabetes mellitus type 1 were pinpointed by the doctors, a cure could have been prepared effectively. However, there are some triggers that boost the autoimmune disorder. Among these are the digestion of very young cow’s milk, exposure to food born toxins or some infections. We have to manage this diabetes throughout our life.

Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes

The causes of diabetes mellitus type 2 are different in a particular way as in this case the patient’s body fails to use insulin properly though insulin is present there in the bloodstream. This is called insulin resistance and so this type of diabetes is also known as insulin resistant diabetes. However, the body may not produce enough insulin to process sugar and this type of diabetes may occur. The reasons for such problems in production or activity as not yet very clear to the medical world.

Causes Of Gestational Diabetes

Doctors have some theories about causes of diabetes mellitus as they have faced many patients with this diabetes. Their observations reveal one fact that the baby’s placenta has something to do with it. While the baby receives nutrition through the placenta, some hormones act in the placenta. These hormones affect the action of insulin. This is when some pregnant women have a high blood sugar level as the sugar cannot be processed properly for the inactivity of the insulin. Eventually this is the reason your doctor may be explaining to you.

As we haven’t yet unlocked secrets of the causes of diabetes mellitus, research is going on. We hope to get at the roots of diabetes of all types. When we’ve reached that far, a cure for diabetes will be a short distance away.

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