Understanding Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Diabetes in Children

Diabetes in Children

Type 1 diabetes in children is nothing but a chronic condition that develops as the insulin producing organ pancreas Type 1 Diabetes in Childrenacts slowly. Insulin is a hormone that processes glucose, known to us as sugar, to get energy. When pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, this process gets hampered. The problem is that nobody knows exactly what happens to pancreas for which it acts in this manner.

However, there is at least one factor that has been identified. Unfortunately this is not controllable by human being as it is genetic. Among other causes are virus activity and healthy lifestyle. When a child gets diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in children, immediate treatment and consultation are a must.


If you think that type 1 diabetes in children would have quite different symptoms than those of adult diabetes. This would be a complete misconception. In fact, the symptoms of child diabetes and adult diabetes may be the same. That is why the very common symptoms are increased thirst and frequent urination. These problems happen because the presence of sugar in the bloodstream goes high and the body wants to get rid of it through urination and wants to get more fluid. There may be fatigue, increased hunger and blurred vision. A female child may show yeast infection as if she had diaper rash.

How To Diagnose

It is a common fact that all types of diabetes are usually diagnosed by testing the blood to trace the blood sugar level. Type 1 diabetes in children is also diagnosed in the same manner. The blood sugar test can be at random any time of the day without having any preparation at all. The other diagnosis process involves some preparation by fasting for a particular time. When the blood sugar level is high in the general test, a comprehensive test before and after fasting is done. After this, you may need to go on with other tests to decide whether you have got type 1 diabetes or the other one.

Treatment Options

The treatment options for type 1 diabetes in children are not much different from those of adult diabetics. Unfortunately, it is really very frustrating for a child to go on with a lifetime of management to keep the blood sugar level in control. However, there is no other way than managing the condition in a disciplined manner.

The whole process could be broken down into smaller units of management. This way the child wouldn’t find it irritating. Regular blood sugar level checking is one of the requisites for a successful diabetes management. Sometimes the child may need insulin injection and a pump may help the process get easier.

Type 1 diabetes in children require the affected child should be well educated and well trained about the type 1 diabetes either directly or indirectly. Only when the child develops good habit that would help control diabetes, it would be safe for the child.

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