What Is Diabetes Mellitus and How To Deal With It

diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is commonly known as diabetes. It knows no boundary of color, sex, occupations or other Know Diabetes Mellitus To cope Up With Itbackgrounds. However, one thing is can be mentioned for sure that this condition can lead to a very devastating complication. Obviously, there are ways to cope up with it.

Diabetes mellitus: What Is It?

Diabetes mellitus occurs when there is high blood sugar level. It happens due to some disorder in metabolism. Blood sugar level has a direct link with the activity of the hormone called insulin that is produced by pancreas in its beta cells. When there isn’t enough insulin or it cannot work properly. Sometimes our body shows resistance to insulin and diabetes develops. This is the definition of diabetes for a layman.

Hyperglycemia is the most common symptom of diabetes mellitus. This results in other outward symptoms. You may have the frequent urge for urination. You’ll also feel thirsty every now an then. Blurred vision, sudden weight loss, fatigue and infection may be some other outward symptoms.

Treatment Options

The good news is that diabetes mellitus has many treatment options. When our body fails to produce insulin, we can take artificially produced insulin through injection. Of course, regular blood sugar test is an essential part of the life of diabetic. You need to talk with the doctor to decide what would be correct dose of insulin for you.


You may have seen what devastating complications diabetes mellitus can have. Hypoglycemia is one of the serious complications. Then comes ketoacidosis which causes vomiting, nausea and even unconsciousness. One can even have nonketonic hypersmolar coma which is a coma caused by blood sugar imbalance. There are other complications like increased risk of cardiovascular disease. There may be gangrene from some infection. Nerve damage, chronic renal failure and retinal are some others to mention.

Three Types Of Diabetes

Among the three types of diabetes mellitus, the first is type 1 diabetes. It has other names. As it forces people to become dependent on insulin, it is called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. It is also called childhood-onset diabetes or juvenile diabetes. However, many adults also have this type of diabetes.

When the insulin producing cells in pancreas get destroyed for some reason, type 1 diabetes occurs. This cannot be prevented in many cases. Most diabetic patients with type 1 diabetes may seem quite healthy. They may not be overweight and they may be the type of people who take regular exercise. Obviously insulin injection becomes the major treatment for diabetes mellitus type 1.

You may ask in which way diabetes mellitus type 2 is different. The problem with this type is that body becomes resistant to insulin although the body cannot produce enough insulin. Moreover, type 2 is more prevalent than type 1. If someone goes for lifestyle change when the symptoms are still mild, the diabetes treatment can be controlled. Another type is gestational diabetes that occurs only with pregnant women and may go away after delivery.

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